Seijiro MURAYAMA / Masafumi EZAKI / Kazushige KINOSHITA

1,500 yen (in tax)

there are many facters,elements that we ignore easily by thinking that
they don’t influence us too much because their differences are too
small for us to perceive them well or we cannot really realise how and
why they influence us, what kind of relations there are between these
elements and us, because of too much parameters.

in any case, we were instrumentalists, not scientists at the moment of
this public recording session.

it was masafumi ezaki who organised this event in a pretty closed
space and it seems that this fact added a certain particularity to my
suggestion which gave artistic ( i don’t say musical ) direction of
the concert.

my proposal is : 1, playing three sets (for 40,20,10 minutes in this
order). 2, each time we change the position (left,center,right) in the

i cannot say how all this influenced our music, but i think it surely
did. hope you feel and enjoy it.

text by Seijiro Murayama


TRACK 01: Listen