Segments String Quartet

¥1,500 (in tax)

木下和重 Kazushige KINOSHITA : violin
千葉広樹 Hiroki CHIBA : violin
池田陽子 Yoko IKEDA : viola
公文南光 Nanko KUMON : cello


1. Pool
2. Jar
3. Bowing 725


recorded at loop-line, Sendagaya, Tokyo on December 1, 2010
engineered by Taku Unami
designed by modern-garde, Satoe Kobayashi


“Segments” is a set of the segment with the length of various time, and it can be called a time structure itself. There is no relation between segments, and it doesn’t mean something as a whole.

Each segment to which the start and the last time are written is juxtaposed in the score, and the sound and the act, etc. played there are written. Players divides time by there act, and has the segment appear. The content of the segment only indicates the segment. To understand the structure, the listener should first of all perceive events done by the player, and divide them to the segment. They must not listen to “Segments” as you like (= selfishness).

“Segments” means a series of activity that includes not only the work but also the performance and the listening. And, after the structure is recognized as axiomatic, true real charm of “Segments” visits. The one that spilled from the structure enables an original way to listen.

“Segments String Quartet” was formed to perform Segments works. < Pool > is composed by the sound and silent. Harmony is not usual harmony progression and sonority but an demonstration, and identity. And, < Jar > is another version of Pool. has only sound and a lot of segments. The length of each segment is one second from ten seconds. A segment is played with one bow. This is not drone.